Uganda is a land locked country and part of the East African countries neighbored by Kenya in the east, South Sudan in the north, Tanzania in the south, Democratic Republic of Cong in the West and Rwanda and Burundi in the south west. It is a frequently visited East African countries by several travellers; due to its vast biodiversity. Most of Uganda’s interior is covered by Lake Victoria and therefore among The African Great Lakes Region, Uganda is within the Nile basin, good equatorial climate, and welcoming people. And it’s no doubt, she qualified as the “ Pearl of Africa”. All these rare remarks about the country, in addition to its various tourist attraction centers and activities such as lakes and rivers, physical features i.e mountains, forests , different vegetation types, historical facts, source of River Nile among others have attracted so many visitors to the Ugandan border.

The pearl of Africa offers very exciting adventure experiences to the tourists in various tourist destinations and they include the following

White Water Rafting in Jinja

This is one of the most exciting tourism activities all adventure lovers must not miss while in Uganda. The White Nile in Jinja is referred to the adventure capital of east Africa with rapids that favors white water rafting activities to effectively take place in the area.

White water rafting in Jinja enables one to explore the great river Nile in its early stages. Its however not an activity for the faint hearted people because while on the grade 5 rapids, all of you may find yourselves in the waters of the Nile, there is no need to fear this because there is always a rescue raft team to get tourists out of the water.

This adventurous activity is open all kinds of people and can be enjoyed any day of the year. There are photographers who capture the entire tourist’s moments while rafting and sell them at affordable prices.

Apart from white water rafting, there are other various adventurous tourist activities like kayaking, boat trips which feature cruising the Nile including sunset cruises that offer beautiful views of the sun setting over the Nile.

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