Originating from the kamiranzovu marshlands within Nyungwe forest national park southwestern Rwanda, kamiranzovu waterfall has presently become a must visit for every traveler to the national park. Though Nyungwe forest national park has been commonly known for the chimpanzees, kamiranzovu waterfall has drawn much courtesy from the current travelers. The waterfall is divided into two parts, the lower part on huge rocks which is a beautiful spot for photography whereas the second side is in front of the falling water.

Getting to the kamiranzovu waterfall is not a walkway but takes courage, patience, obligation, willpower and bodily fitness. It entails trekking in the compressed tropical rainforest of Nyungwe national park with extreme undergrowth. It is located just 10 kilometers from the start but the hilly sceneries make the distance moderately difficult taking ample time.

Kamiranzovu waterfall is the furthest in relation to other waterfalls in the forest such as Rusumo and Thompson. These are located on Rwanda’s border with Tanzania and central Kenya respectively. It is by nature walks that travelers to the waterfall since it is the furthest in the national park.

Concerning the speed of the waterfall, it is seasonal but high most of the times. This is because there is plenty of water in the forest due to heavy rain received for nine months in a year. It is ever raining in Nyungwe forest national park despite the season.

Just like in all national parks, a short briefing is a first step before the hiking starts. The hike starts at the edge of the forest near the plantation and travelers follow different trails in the forest led by an experienced guide. Meanwhile, the forest weather cannot be foretold, travelers are reminded to wear raincoats, hiking boots, long sleeved shirts and panties. Walking sticks are very important in providing support since the forest can be slippery especially in the rainy season.

While hiking to the waterfall, travelers are blessed to encounter various wildlife and plant species. The Rwanda development board has recorded roughly 38 reptiles and 1,068 plant species, all which add to the final satisfaction of the traveler.

Experienced guides help in explaining about each identified animal and plant specie and what makes each specie different from the others. Medicinal plants and fruits are identified those eaten by animals and human beings.

While in keenness to see the waterfall, travelers are amazed by the unique dense vegetation all around them. Some of the vegetation is prevalent to the forest and travelers who have never been there have never seen such vegetation before. It is a real fascinating pre experience.

Besides the waterfall, Nyungwe forest national park is the best destination for chimpanzee trekking in the whole of Rwanda. The forest hosts the highest population of chimpanzees in the whole of Rwanda hence every traveler should not miss out.

The only canopy walk in the whole of East Africa can only be experienced in Nyungwe forest national park. The canopy is situated 60meters above the forest, which provide travelers with a clear aerial view of the national park and wildlife. Every traveler should take part in a canopy walk for an extra ordinary experience. The Rwanda development board responsible for tourism in Rwanda has verified the national park as the farthest source of river Nile that has been less explored.

In conclusion therefore, tourism in Nyungwe forest national park and Rwanda as a whole does not stop at wildlife but goes beyond. A visit to kamiranzovu waterfall is an assurance of an extra ordinary experiences that very traveler should not miss out.

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