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Best Safari Destinations to spot Lions in Uganda

Planning for a Uganda Safari Holiday can be interesting and a bit challenging if not handled with care and selecting the best things to see on the safari holiday. Uganda being among the top destination for watching the lions on ground and the tree climbing lions in queen elizabeth national park.
A Uganda Safari can be tailored by primate Safaris Rwanda that will reward you with the chance of Spotting the Lions during game drive or Lion Experiential watching that is always the 4 Hours staying with the lions and learning about their way of Life , its only possible in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Drive through Game Reserves and National parks of Uganda to View the tree climbing lions and Ground Lions during the wildlife safari adventure tour in Africa. During the Game drives the driver/guide  drives  closer than you ever imagined to majestic birds and animals .Find the complete Guide of Lion Watching & Viewing National Parks in Uganda once on a Wildlife Safari Holiday.

Kidepo National Park

Situated along the Sudanese and Kenyan border in the far distant north Eastern part of Uganda, Kidepo National Park is regarded as one of the world’s best wildernesses due to the fact that whoever goes there will feel like they are home and own the entire park to themselves. The park has a consistently growing population of lions hence being a very prominent place to spot them as well as learn more about their diverse character. If you are on a safari holiday in Uganda, transfer to the magnificent Kidepo National Park to spot the King of the beasts enjoying his habitat through hunting, ruling and nurturing his cubs. There are also tree climbing lions in the park which will add an extra touch/ encounter to your safari.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Lions in the vast Queen Elizabeth National Park located in the Albertine Rift Valley in the western part of Uganda close to the beautiful Great Rwenzori Mountains can be found in the northern part of the park around the Kasenyi Plains. Since they are nocturnal animals and early risers, one has to track them in the early mornings. However, you can opt to join the Lion Tracking Research with the Uganda Carnivore Project who leave very early in the morning to track the King of the jungle so as to get to know various traits about him. The process will take 1-3 hours twice a day in groups of very few people so as to protect the lions and not obstruct the work of the researchers. In case you want to track them, this should be booked/ reserved before your arrival and the park should be included in your itinerary. In the southern part of the park is the prominent Ishasha sector which includes the tree climbing lions that will make your safari very exceptional due to the remarkable photos you will take to keep for future generation. Visit Queen Elizabeth National Park for extraordinary Lion encounters in Uganda.

Murchison Falls National Park

Strategically located in an ideal place with the magnificent River Nile, Murchison Falls National Park is one of the top destinations in Uganda to spot a pride of lions hunting, leading and nurturing their cubs. These are usually spotted while on Game Drive around the vast beautiful park especially in the early mornings due to the fact that these are early risers. Additionally, this is the one destination where you will have a chance to spot Africa’s Big Five after visiting the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary in Masindi Town.

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Primate tracking both in Nyungwe & Kibale National park

A primate is a mammal of the order Primates, any member of the group of animals that includes human beings, apes and monkeys and a few related forms. In taxonomy, primates include two distinct lineages, strepsirrhines and haplorhines. The order Primates was traditionally divided into two main groupings: prosimians and anthropoids (simians). Prosimians have characteristics more like those of the earliest primates, and include the lemurs of Madagascar, lorisoids, and tarsiers. Simians include monkeys, apes and hominins. More recently, taxonomists have preferred to split primates into the suborder Strepsirrhines, or wet-nosed primates, consisting of non-tarsier prosimians, and the suborder Haplorhines, or dry-nosed primates, consisting of tarsiers and the simians.

Primates are characterized by large brains relative to other mammals, as well as an increased reliance on stereoscopic vision at the expense of smell, the dominant sensory system in most mammals. These features are more developed in monkeys and apes and noticeably less so in lorises and lemurs. Three-color vision has developed in some primates. Most also have opposable thumbs and some have prehensile tails. Book Primate Safari in Rwanda to visit the various primates mentioned in the article below.

Under primates we;

  • Chimpanzees
  • Golden monkeys
  • Black and White colobus monkeys

Chimpanzee and Primate tracking in Nyungwe national park

Nyungwe forest is situated in south-west Rwanda between Lake Kivu and the international border with Burundi. Nyungwe forest national park is Rwanda’s Leading chimpanzee tracking safari destination for primates and birding tours in Rwanda. Nyungwe forest Rwanda is the source of Africa’s great rivers. Rain that falls on the east side feeds the Nile and on the west runs to the Congo. The Congo-Nile Divide is a mountain range that runs north to south through Rwanda.

Beyond gorillas that made Rwanda famous, wildlife all over will be thrilled to know that they can track three more species of primate on their Rwandan holiday: Chimpanzees, Black-and-white colobus monkeys, and the endangered Golden monkey.

Chimpanzees in Nyungwe forest

Chimpanzees are the closest living evolutionary relatives to humans, sharing a common ancestor with humans. They share 99% DNA with human beings. These chimps can be tracked in Nyungwe and Kibale National Park. Chimpanzees live in a leaner hierarchy in which more than one individual may be dominant enough to dominate other members of lower rank. Typically, a dominant male is referred to as the alpha male. Male grow up to 1.7 m high when standing, and weigh as much as 70 kg; the female is somewhat smaller.

Chimpanzees make tools and use them to acquire foods and for social displays; they have sophisticated hunting strategies requiring cooperation, influence and rank; they are status conscious, manipulative and capable of deception; they can learn to use symbols and understand aspects of human language including some relational syntax, concepts of number and numerical sequence; and they are capable of spontaneous planning for a future state or event. Chimps communicate in a manner similar to human nonverbal communication, using vocalizations, hand gestures, and facial expressions.

Chimpanzee tracking can be done all year-round in Nyungwe Forest, rain or shine, and while it is never guaranteed that you will see them, sightings are very common and guides are skillful in tracking them. The experience differs from gorilla tracking as the chimps are running around, so the sightings are a bit more sporadic and rushed, but worthwhile nonetheless.

Chimpanzee groups live high in the canopy of Nyungwe National Park, and catching your first glimpse of one crashing through the forest after hiking into their territory is nothing short of astonishing. During the rainy season, a troop of chimpanzees often moves into Uwinka and the colored trail as well, and it is up to the tourist to decide whether to pay extra to track them. You may be able to hear chimpanzees before you see them; from somewhere deep in the forest, an excited hooting, just one voice at first, then several, rising in volume before stopping abruptly or fading away.

Golden monkeys in Nyungwe forest

These striking golden monkeys are a treat for the eyes. With their bright orange fur contrasting the green rainforests of the Virunga Mountains, it’s a photographers dream, Visitors meet with their guides at Volcanoes National Park’s Kinigi Headquarters and the visit is done once per day, time will be allocated once booked.

The thirteen primate species which are found in Nyungwe represent something like 20-25% of the total number in Africa, an extraordinary figure which in East Africa is comparable only to Uganda’s Kibale forest. Furthermore, several of these primates are listed as vulnerable or endangered on the IUCN red list, and Nyungwe is almost certainly the main stronghold for at least two of them. The most celebrated of Nyungwe primates is the Rwenzori Colobus a race of the more wide spread Angola colobus which is restricted to the Albertine Rift.

Black and White Colobus monkeys

They are closely related to the brown colobus monkeys of genus Piliocolobus. The word “colobus” comes from Greek and is so named because in this genus, the thumb is a stump. Colobuses are herbivorous, eating leaves, fruit, flowers, and twigs. Their habitats include primary and secondary forests, riverine forests, and wooded grasslands; they are found more in higher-density logged forests than in other primary forests.

These charismatic monkeys sometimes referred to as Ruwenzori Colobus – take up the final place in Rwanda’s Big-4 primate species. Nyungwe Forest is again home to this attractive species. Because they live within sizeable groups (one of the habituated troops has more than 200 individuals), an encounter with Colobus Monkeys in Rwanda often exceeds sightings anywhere elsewhere in Africa.

Chimpanzee and primate tracking in Kibale national park

Kibale National Park is a national park in southern Uganda protecting moist evergreen rain forest. It is 766 square kilometers (296 sq. mi) in size and is located between 1,100–1,600 meters (3,600–5,200 ft) in elevation. Kibale is one of the last remaining expanses to contain both lowland and montane forests. In eastern Africa, it sustains the last significant expanse of pre-montane forest

The park is home to a total of 70 mammal species, most famously 13 species of primate including the chimpanzee. It also contains over 375 species of birds. Kibale adjoins Queen Elizabeth National Park to the south to create a 180km-long corridor for wildlife between Ishasha, the remote southern sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park, and Sebitoli in the north of Kibale National Park.

In Kibale national park, there is what we call chimpanzee tracking and chimpanzee habituation experience.

Uganda is probably one of the best places in the world to see habituated wild chimpanzees. Most people do not realize that they have a choice between chimpanzee tracking and a Chimpanzee habituation experience. People come to Uganda for the Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzee tracking. There are 4950 chimpanzees within Uganda; Kibale Forest alone has the most with almost 1500 Chimpanzees. Most visitors visit the chimpanzees much like the Mountain Gorillas for one hour there is however another option that allows you to be with chimpanzees all day long in the forests of Budongo or Kibale Forest it is the habituation experience all day with chimpanzees in their natural setting.

Chimpanzee tracking experience

Chimpanzee tracking is where by a trekker goes to the forest to view the already habituated chimpanzees. The habituated chimpanzees are normally confined in one area and are not aggressive and stubborn. They are friendly. Chimpanzee tracking can take 1-3 hours. When your guide comes to a standstill, you might sometimes think that you are lost. Don’t worry your guide is an expert you can rely on him as he tries to locate the chimps. By 11 a.m. the chimps take finally a rest and this is the best time to approach and observe them closely. It’s only at that moment that you realize that they have been habituated. They tolerate you when taking a rest and continue their daily duties. When you are lucky you see them on the ground. With the appropriate photo equipment you can take some good pictures. Sometimes they are high in the trees and you will need your binoculars to observe them well. You will stay about one hour with them.

Chimpanzee habituation experience

CHEX is a process that is used to make these largely wild apes approachable by human beings without causing any harm. This experience entails getting the chimpanzees used to the presence of humans (to remove the fear of humans from the group), a process that takes up to two years and today you are part of that process by your all day presence in the forest.  With Chimpanzee Habituation Experience it means an early breakfast, a packed lunch and you are off before dawn breaks into the forest. You meet your guide and you are off to where the chimpanzees built nests the night before. Dawn is just breaking and the chimpanzee community you are going to be with the rest of the day is rising from their sleep. It’s a unique, all-day trek and there’s no telling where the chimpanzees will lead you. Their movements are unpredictable whether it’s uphill, downhill or on even ground, you follow the agile group, sometimes at challenging speeds through dense vegetation, for rare, up-close encounters.

Primate walk in Kibale forest

This walk starts from Kanyanchu River Camp at 8:00 am or 3:00pm. It lasts for 2-4 hours and it is the most popular walk, highlighting the diversity of different animals and plant species within the forest. This walk is restricted to four groups of four persons each, in the morning and the same number in the afternoon.

Other primates in Bigodi wetland sanctuary

This is a small sanctuary which protects the magombe swamp, adjacent to Bigodi trading centre and immediately outside the park boundary. The sanctuary is known for a wide range of biodiversity including species of primates such as red colobus monkeys, black and white colobus monkey, grey-checked mangabey, red tailed monkey, L’Hoest monkey, vervet monkey, blue monkey and baboon. Mammals like sitatunga, bush pigs, bush bucks, otters, mongoose and Chimpanzees. 138 bird species have so far been identified; one of the main bird species found in the sanctuary is the great bleu turacco.


Mount Mikeno in Virunga National Park Congo

Plan & Book a Congo Safari to visit Virunga National Park ( Mikeno Mount) in Democratic republic of Congo arranged by Congo Gorilla safaris the destination experts in offering safaris to Congo starting for Kigali Rwanda for ultimate safari.

Mount Mikeno is a dormant volcanic mountain located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo section of the Virunga Mountains along with Mount Nyiragongo, Mount Nyamulagira, Mount Karisimbi, and Mount Bisoke. At 4,437 metres (14,557 ft) Mount Mikeno is the second highest peak in the Virunga Mountains after Karisimbi, and the 13th highest mountain of Africa. Mikeno means “poor” and is so named for its harsh slopes which preclude human habitation.


Located in DR Congo Mikeno stands at a height of 4,437 m and is neighbored with Mt Bisoke, Mt Nyiragongo, Mt Nyamulagira, and Mt Karisimbi.

Mount Mikeno lies completely within Virunga National Park and is known for the critically endangered mountain gorillas that live on its slopes.  Expeditions to observe Mikeno’s gorillas typically leave from the nearby Bukima Patrol Post.

Getting there

International Airline Travel

Mikeno, Nyiragongo and Nyamulagira, although entirely within the Democratic Republic of the Congo, are also best reached from Kigali. Whether climbing in the eastern DRC is currently advisable is of course quite another matter.

Most tourists fly into the Kigali international airport and take a 3-hour taxi ride to the border crossing at Gisenyi, Rwanda. International flights often arrive in the evening, so we recommend spending the night in Kigali and leaving for Virunga the next morning. Most Kigali hotels will arrange an airport pick up for a small additional charge. Taxis typically charge $100-$120 from Kigali to the border. Hotels can arrange the taxi for you. Domestic airlines in the DRC fly into Goma, but the airport is not up to international standards.

Please note: A Yellow Fever vaccination certificate is required to enter Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Transportation to and from Virunga National Park

Virunga National Park is offering one-way and round trip transportation for the following locations. You can also find transportation options specific to the various lodging and activities from within their booking pages. All pricing reflects per seat booking.


The best months of the year are January (short dry period) and July and August (long dry period). With some luck, June and September are fine as well. Even in the dry period, short afternoon showers are frequent, so be sure to start early and bring rain gear. The temperatures at the base are ideal all year round, thanks to the altitude. In Goma (1500m), Musanze (1800m) and Kisoro (2050m), they range between 20°C and 28°C during the day, and 10°C and 15°C at night.

What to bring

Hiking boots, Rain jackets, walking sticks not need for mountaineering gears, water proof bags, packed food and water.

Car hireTrip Ideas

Car Hire Info : Determinants Of A Good Self Drive Company To Use In Uganda

Before one rents a car in Uganda from any car hiring company, there are some things he/she ought to consider to guarantee that he gets the best services. It’s humiliating to spend your cash on services that are beneath standard and not worth the cash. This is the reason why a tourist is advised to be careful while selecting where to get a vehicle from. For this situation how about we concentrate on Uganda since it’s the place car hiring is growing faster. The following are a some of the issues one should consider;-

Trustworthy; – This is so important particularly when it’s the first time for somebody to book with a particular organization. I know this is hard to determine by travelers when simply booking online however there are some ways one can use to determine this like checking if the organization is listed on the different tourism portals like the Association of Uganda Tour Operators. Perusing through the reviews given by various customers who have used that organization on the different tourism sites is essential. In situations where that company has very good reviews then it means that it’s credible and trustworthy to deal with.

Experience; – Experienced organizations constantly offer the best services and subsequently one ought to place that as a primary concern while selecting an organization to use. Experience is usually determined by the number of years an organization has been in a specific business. While selecting an organization to book a car from, it’s vital to check how long it has been renting vehicles to individuals. Minimal number of years one ought to consider is 8 years. Organizations that have quite recently begun do not have the important requirements and experience so they won’t ensure a tourist the best services for their cash.

Location of the Office; – some individuals ignore this component however it’s very useful when determining a genuine company. Since most tourists book their safaris online and they pick organizations to travel with from far away in their nations, they are exposed to thieves who pretend to be agents from car rental companies. Some individuals come up with websites with a purpose of exploiting tourists who need to visit Uganda. Some even pretend to be employees in a car hire company yet in real sense they don’t exist and their organization is not in existence. Its therefore to first determine whether the person you are dealing with has an office ore not before making any deal with him/her. This is for security purposes so that if anything happens a customer needs to know where to go and get his/her money back.

States of the vehicles; – since safety is critical while travelling, it’s a decent practice to constantly choose those organizations that have great vehicles which don’t put the lives of customers in threat. Since cars must be serviced consistently, tourists should guarantee that they travel with those that take good care of their cars and keep them in good conditions. Old vehicles are not good to use while on a safari and in this manner just those organizations that use new cars qualify to be used or hired from.

There are different factors to consider however those mentioned above are the most critical particularly for security and well being reasons. Always try and book with the best car rental companies for a successful travel experience.


Top 10 Things to Do in Rwanda

Rwanda is one of the smallest countries in Africa located in East Africa and borders Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo. Rwanda is rugged with various hills, the reason she is called a country of a thousand hills.

Rwanda covers a of 26,338 square kilometers, with a population of about 12 million people. The country’s population is divided between 3 different tribes; the Tutsi, who are the minority, the Hutu who are the majority and the Batwa who have a smallest population.

Rwanda is a landlocked, lying 75 miles south of the equator in the Tropic of Capricorn, 880 miles ’as the crow flies’ west of the Indian Ocean and 1,250 miles east of the Atlantic Ocean which makes her the heart of Africa.  The country is covered with water bodies which include 23 lakes and numerous rivers, some forming the source of the River Nile.

The country is largely on a high altitude with the highest point being the peak of Mt.Karisimbi which lies at 4519 meters above sea level and the lowest point is at Rusizi River at 950 meters above sea level.

The country faced a gruesome genocide in 1994 that saw over 800000 people dead most of who were the minority Tutsi and a few sympathetic Hutu. This genocide was orchestrated by the Hutu who were then in the ruling government and was against the Tutsi who were then fighting the ruling government. The genocide that lasted 100 days was sparked when the plane that was carrying the then president Juvenal Habyarimana was brought down in Kigali and he died there together with the then Burundi’s president as they returned from Tanzania from peace talks.

Rwanda has various tourist attractions which include animals of the wild that protected from poachers and roam free in the vast national parks, the Mountains with great scenery, the genocide memorials, cultural museums, cultural and nature walks. Listed below are the ten tourist attractions you cannot miss while on Rwanda tour.

  1. Gorilla Tracking
    One of the most exciting experiences in the world is gorilla tracking and this is done in Volcanoes national park in Rwanda. This involves trekking in the mountainous forest in search of the gorillas. Gorillas are the most exciting primates that share 98% DNA with humans making them the closest relatives to human beings. These animals live in groups headed by a dominant male called a silverback. Each family is visited by a maximum number of 8 people per day and there are 10 habituated gorilla families.
  2. Chimpanzee tracking
    Chimpanzees are the other exciting primates after the gorillas. The chimpanzees are also closer to human beings and research shows they share 99% DNA with human beings. The chimpanzees live in Forests and feed on leaves, fruits, insects and even fresh! In Rwanda, the chimpanzees live in Nyungwe Forest National park which is located in Southern Rwanda bordering Burundi. The forest Covers over 1000 square kilometers and is one of the world’s most beautiful and pristine mountain rain forests and Africa’s oldest ever green forest, Apart from the chimpanzees, Nyungwe Forest national park is a home to other 12 primate species including a 400-strong troop of habituated Ruwenzori Black & White Colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys, baboons, blue hoerst monkeys.. The forest is also a birder’s paradise with over 300 species, including 16 endemics, and is home to 75 different species of mammal.
  1. Colobus monkey tracking
    Like chimpanzee tracking, colobus monkey tracking is done in Nyungwe forest national park. Colobus monkeys are also one of the rare monkey species and most of the world’s remaining colobus monkeys can be found in the forest. This therefore makes colobus monkey tracking in Rwanda one of the most exciting adventures.
  1. Forest Canopy walk
    This is done in Nyungwe Forest National Park as well. Scenic as it is, the canopy was constructed on top of the forest and the walk on this platform offers a great opportunity to explore the entire Nyungwe forest from top. This offers an opportunity for close eye level contact with the birds, see the waterfalls in Nyungwe Forest. Nyungwe Forest canopy walk is one of the exciting forest canopy walks in Africa.
  1. Bird watching is one of the thought after tourist attractions in the world. Among the world’s birding spots is Rwanda. Rwanda has 728 bird species 29 of which are endemic to montane rain forest and Rift Valley of which Rwanda forms part. Birding is done in Nyungwe Forest National park, Volcanoes National park, Akagera forest National park, Congo Nile trail among others.
  1. Golden Monkey Tracking
    Golden monkeys are endangered monkey specie only found in the virunga mountain ranges with many monkeys living in Volcanoes national park in Rwanda. The golden monkeys live in groups of 30 members and above and feed on leaves, stem and fruits and sometimes insects. These monkeys are so playful and interesting to watch. Golden monkey tracking in volcanoes national park in Rwanda therefore makes it an interesting tourist activity.
  1. Cultural walks
    Rwanda has a unique culture that is so entertaining. There is also many cultural heritages to visit which includes the national museum in Butare, Nyanza palace, the Belgium museum, the intore cultural dancers. There are Batwa in Rwanda who have a unique tradition and learning about their way of life is interesting.
  1. Historical and educational tours
    Rwanda is a country of history ranging. Rwanda’s genocide is one of the historic genocides in the world and may tourists will come to learn about history of mankind which includes conflict and conflict resolution. There are several genocide memorials set up across the country which include Gisozi memorial museum, Nyamata church, Ntarama church, Murambi genocide memorial among others. When you visit these sites, one will learn more about the effects of human conflicts. There is also Dian Fossey grave site in volcanoes national park and tourists always hike to her grave site to pay her respect and also learn more about her historic work of conserving the lives of the mountain gorillas which were under threat from poachers and she was assassinated as a result of her noble effort.
  1. Rwanda has three volcanic mountains that form part of the Virunga mountain ranges. These include Mt.Karisimbi, Mt.Bisoke, Mt.Muhabura. These mountains are all scenic in their nature and for hiking adventure lovers, these are a must hike. The crater lake on top of Mt.Bisoke is so fascinating and hiking Mt.Bisoke can be done in a day. Mt.Karisimbi can be hiked with in two days and the hike to Mt.Muhabura.
  1. Game drive and boat cruise
    Like most African countries are famous for, Rwanda has one of the most scenic savanna park. Akagera National Park located in the eastern part of Rwanda forms part of Rwanda’s flat land with great savanna. The park has various game that include Zebras, lion, elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, impalas, bush bucks which are best seen during game drive. Other game includes hippos, crocodiles which are seen during a boat cruise on Lake Ihema which is within the park.

Top 5 Amazing Waterfalls in Uganda

We live in a wonderful world full of beauty, charm and adventure but in Africa, Uganda is outstanding destination with a lot to enjoy and explore all around. The presence of several rivers and waterfalls makes it superb for travelers to engage in most exciting adventures which the entire East African region offers. Apart from wildlife, birds, primates, landscape, mountains, lakes,  waterfalls are one of Uganda’s best-kept nature gems attracting many tourists to just be close. Tourists visiting Uganda for the first time need to have a perfect itinerary in order to get the happiest pleasing experience in every place they visit.

There are many amazing water adventures to explore in this majestic country and one gets the firsthand experience on water as they discover the beautiful scenery with in the waterfall, surrounding lake, rocks and islands. Like a blink of an eye, vegetation’s, and water sound welcome you every time you approach a place with a water fall and getting closer makes you get immersed in nature as the cool exotic winds wave saying thanks for coming. Among the many reasons for visiting Uganda, water adventures is one of them because the country has many lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. Even in terms of other tourist activities, Uganda has a lot to offer including mountain gorilla tracking, chimpanzee trekking, wildlife viewing, bird watching, mountain climbing, cultural excursions etc.

Uganda being a destination that attracts all kinds of travelers in Africa, the country has something for everyone. Visitors to Uganda can enjoy safari experiences in different parts of the country especially Western and Eastern.

1. Murchison Falls

One can go partying with loved ones, enter several forests on different adventures but nothing is better than cruising in the mighty falls of Murchison. Beyond doubt it’s the fall in Uganda where one can explore the country’s beauty on a relaxed safari holiday through a savanna national park. One of the best ways to witness the fascinating Murchison falls is taking on a boat cruise upstream from Paraa and get impressive front view of the falls a must see for every guest to the park.

The 2 hour boat takes you upstream giving you the best view of these mighty falls, probably the most scenic waterfalls along the Nile river, the world’s second longest river. During the cruise, you will see a great range of flora and fauna including the Nile crocodiles basking in the sun, hippos, and other wildlife coming for a drink of the Nile waters. (Citation: Murchison Falls Park Travel Guide)

#Other Cruises
Uganda offers other exciting boat cruise tours in other parks like Queen Elizabeth on the magical Kazinga channel,Itanda falls famous for Uganda white water rafting, lake Mburo boat cruise,source of the Nile boat trips with the outstanding sunset cruise,lake Victoria boat tour etc.

2. Sipi Falls

The Sipi falls in the western side of mountain Elgon are among the most visited in Uganda. These falls are found in Kapchorwa District, Northeast of Sironko and Mbale town. They are composed of a series of three tall waterfalls all plunging their waters over the slopes of Mount Elgon (the fourth highest peaks of Africa).

3. Sezibwa falls
The Sezibwa Falls are the most interesting! These waterfalls are formed when the River Sezibwa known locally as a “human born river” flows over rocks. The falls are found in present Buikwe District (former part of Mukono District). A day trip to these falls is possible from Kampala, the capital of Uganda.

The falls are revered by the Baganda Community and are managed by the Buganda Kingdom. The Baganda People attach alot of dos and donts to the falls, and this is a great place to learn about the culture of the Baganda People. (Citations: Buganda Tourism)

4. Kyabirwa falls,

5. Itanda Falls

Karuma falls, Ripon falls, Owen falls etc.

Is Uganda next on your list, don’t even miss out visiting Uganda’s beautiful islands of Lake Bunyonyi and Ssese for ample relaxation and fun. Spare 3-7 days minimum to enjoy a safari in Uganda and explore the country’s best parks and adventures during your Africa visit. It doesn’t matter if you looking at visiting multiple destinations across the region find the most fitting itinerary with Uganda inclusive.


Lake Kivu: Disover the Secrets

Most tourists think Rwanda safaris are all about mountain gorilla tracking; clean beautiful streets, Genocide memorials, birding, wildlife, hikes and perhaps its fabulous rich culture. But you will be surprised to know that a trip to Gisenyi and particularly Lake Kivu can be too awesome and scenic beach spot with all it takes to have a wonderful relaxed leisure beach holiday. Lake Kivu boasts some of the best beach in Rwanda and a great place to base your self for your most relaxed Rwanda gateway either in the beginning or at the end of your Rwanda safari tour. If you want to relax- chill out and enjoy Rwanda’s beautiful sandy tropical beach where sun bathing, swimming and boat cruise break your silence at any time lake kivu is a place of no regret.

Get Amazed with lovely panoramic views of islands and hills after your Gorilla tracking once or twice in volcanoes national park, or primate tracking in Nyungwe forest the most interesting adventure activities of Rwanda and a must do in most of Rwanda safaris. You can dip your toes into the lake as you read a book and also chill out or visit the nearby islands for some cultural interaction a rare experience which will inspire you to spend more days around the lake. Couples, friends and family enjoy spending time together here all day long. Unless otherwise but whoever visits the lake falls in love with it immediately. Food, coffee is another thing which will make you appreciate everything about Africa and its attractions because all the lodges and hotels offer excellent food to travellers depending of their taste. If you love Fish the time to be at the source is all about you and Tilapia is more common and always fried. Cold drinks are always a call away to cool you down after   any beach activity or to fuel your novel or book reading.

The beach is sited north of Rwanda in Gisenyi a popular town in Rwanda and a neighbor to Goma a connecting town between Rwanda and Congo. Boredom is a dream while in lake kivu due to variety of beach and water sport activities to chose from. If you are planning to let hair down and experience an candle light dinner down in the sand on one of the islands or around the beach, lake kivu has the best atmosphere before and after in the dark. If Serena hotel isn’t in line with you budget other hotels and lodges also arrange private candle light dinners in the most attractive and surprising way. If you enjoy being on the water be sure to explore the lake to your fullest. However kids love playing in the sand and swimming a nice place for family tours as well on big days and weekends. When you have had your fill of the sun there is still plenty to do on the lake & it’s always a great place to mix up rest days with days spent exploring whenever you visit any new place and this town is no exception.Why not set off to discover the beautiful land of many great views , hills,islands and mountains which still stand in Gisenyi whether you prefer nature,culture,adventure and other tourist activities. Obviously a visit to Rwanda would’nt be complete without trying ome local foods and on one of lake kivu islands and a visit to Gisenyi in general.

SafarisTrip Ideas

The Blazing Gorilla Trekking Trail in Rwanda

It’s amazing to see less expected impressive attractions on your holiday in any corner of the world. Just imagine the joy and happiness felt when you capture such a moment. It’s a wish for many travelers though some instead fail even to grab the prime moments of travel. However, jungle forest is a place full of surprises and remarkable adventures. gorilla tracking, golden monkey tracking, birding, culture walks, forest walks, boat rides, Dian Fossey visit, hiking are the main tourism activities within and around the park. When you take a trip to Volcanoes National park, you don’t only stick to the original travel plans since there are many other tourist activities which can be done within and outside the park and booked at last minute. Except gorilla tracking other activities can be booked on the very day for the adventure and you can also use one stone to kill two birds by paying for one activity and also view the other attractions for the other activity that exact point of visiting a beautiful area like this.

The most excellent perfect escape is when you track mountain Gorillas and also view other primates including the rare golden monkey. Gorilla tracking travelers enjoy tracking gorillas and also golden monkeys and both activities require you to have a minimum of two days since both activities kick off at the same time every day. But sometimes Golden monkeys and Gorillas move outside the forests and Travellers are able to view them while at their lodges of residence or during the other trek which is a great surprise since it happens to only lucky travellers. If you get a chance and even take a nice photo captions with in that short time of the spot then next day’s adventure may be another advantage.To those who view the primates without plans of tracking enjoy a great moment without paying a penny the reason as to why some travellers love spending nights in well located Gorilla lodges & Accommodation with great chances both Gorillas and Golden monkey views. To experience and appreciate it is in most cases when you have paid for one and the other passes by as a bonus.

Another   surprise is taking park in all the park interesting activities in just three days yet others move all the way for just one. If you have a duration of three day at Ruhengeri you can start by tracking gorillas, hike the lovely mountain of either Bisoke or Karisimbi in the afternoon on the first day and then start the other day by trekking Golden monkeys, visit Diany fossey tombs   and also spend the sometime with the locals that’s if boat ride are not your thing. Alternatively you can use the afternoon of day one to visit lake Bulera and Rukundo. Ending your tour by doing all this trust me you will earn yourself the most romantic safari in Rwanda or simple the best Rwanda tour holiday ever. Make sure you shut your eyes and body for the Gorilla land adventure full of relaxation modes and adventure. For birders don’t miss out the opportunity of sporting hundreds of birds in volcano forest during the gorilla tracking adventure as you hike through the bamboo forest. Feel calm and ease as you explore Rwanda’s best park and the most desired tourist destination worldwide.

Things to Do

Top Adrenaline Activities in Uganda

Uganda is a land locked country and part of the East African countries neighbored by Kenya in the east, South Sudan in the north, Tanzania in the south, Democratic Republic of Cong in the West and Rwanda and Burundi in the south west. It is a frequently visited East African countries by several travellers; due to its vast biodiversity. Most of Uganda’s interior is covered by Lake Victoria and therefore among The African Great Lakes Region, Uganda is within the Nile basin, good equatorial climate, and welcoming people. And it’s no doubt, she qualified as the “ Pearl of Africa”. All these rare remarks about the country, in addition to its various tourist attraction centers and activities such as lakes and rivers, physical features i.e mountains, forests , different vegetation types, historical facts, source of River Nile among others have attracted so many visitors to the Ugandan border.

The pearl of Africa offers very exciting adventure experiences to the tourists in various tourist destinations and they include the following

White Water Rafting in Jinja

This is one of the most exciting tourism activities all adventure lovers must not miss while in Uganda. The White Nile in Jinja is referred to the adventure capital of east Africa with rapids that favors white water rafting activities to effectively take place in the area.

White water rafting in Jinja enables one to explore the great river Nile in its early stages. Its however not an activity for the faint hearted people because while on the grade 5 rapids, all of you may find yourselves in the waters of the Nile, there is no need to fear this because there is always a rescue raft team to get tourists out of the water.

This adventurous activity is open all kinds of people and can be enjoyed any day of the year. There are photographers who capture the entire tourist’s moments while rafting and sell them at affordable prices.

Apart from white water rafting, there are other various adventurous tourist activities like kayaking, boat trips which feature cruising the Nile including sunset cruises that offer beautiful views of the sun setting over the Nile.


Visiting Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Have you ever heard about Bwindi Impenetrable National Park? This less known national park is becoming a popular place to visit on the African continent. Located in South Western Uganda, Bwindi as often referred to in most guide books, is a very important conservation area protecting almost half of the world population of the endangered mountain gorillas.

The park is a UNESCO world heritage site and it is the best place for gorilla trekking in Africa. First gazetted as a forest reserve in 1932 by the British colonial masters, the park was elevated to a national park in 1991 together with the Mgahinga National Park, the Ugandan part of the Virunga protecting the endangered mountain gorillas. Please remember there are as few as about 900 mountain gorillas in the world surviving in only four national parks; Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga National Park in Uganda, Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Things to See in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

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Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is the best place to see the endangered gorillas. Gorilla permits are available every day and can be booked.

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