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Lake Kivu: Disover the Secrets

Most tourists think Rwanda safaris are all about mountain gorilla tracking; clean beautiful streets, Genocide memorials, birding, wildlife, hikes and perhaps its fabulous rich culture. But you will be surprised to know that a trip to Gisenyi and particularly Lake Kivu can be too awesome and scenic beach spot with all it takes to have a wonderful relaxed leisure beach holiday. Lake Kivu boasts some of the best beach in Rwanda and a great place to base your self for your most relaxed Rwanda gateway either in the beginning or at the end of your Rwanda safari tour. If you want to relax- chill out and enjoy Rwanda’s beautiful sandy tropical beach where sun bathing, swimming and boat cruise break your silence at any time lake kivu is a place of no regret.

Get Amazed with lovely panoramic views of islands and hills after your Gorilla tracking once or twice in volcanoes national park, or primate tracking in Nyungwe forest the most interesting adventure activities of Rwanda and a must do in most of Rwanda safaris. You can dip your toes into the lake as you read a book and also chill out or visit the nearby islands for some cultural interaction a rare experience which will inspire you to spend more days around the lake. Couples, friends and family enjoy spending time together here all day long. Unless otherwise but whoever visits the lake falls in love with it immediately. Food, coffee is another thing which will make you appreciate everything about Africa and its attractions because all the lodges and hotels offer excellent food to travellers depending of their taste. If you love Fish the time to be at the source is all about you and Tilapia is more common and always fried. Cold drinks are always a call away to cool you down after   any beach activity or to fuel your novel or book reading.

The beach is sited north of Rwanda in Gisenyi a popular town in Rwanda and a neighbor to Goma a connecting town between Rwanda and Congo. Boredom is a dream while in lake kivu due to variety of beach and water sport activities to chose from. If you are planning to let hair down and experience an candle light dinner down in the sand on one of the islands or around the beach, lake kivu has the best atmosphere before and after in the dark. If Serena hotel isn’t in line with you budget other hotels and lodges also arrange private candle light dinners in the most attractive and surprising way. If you enjoy being on the water be sure to explore the lake to your fullest. However kids love playing in the sand and swimming a nice place for family tours as well on big days and weekends. When you have had your fill of the sun there is still plenty to do on the lake & it’s always a great place to mix up rest days with days spent exploring whenever you visit any new place and this town is no exception.Why not set off to discover the beautiful land of many great views , hills,islands and mountains which still stand in Gisenyi whether you prefer nature,culture,adventure and other tourist activities. Obviously a visit to Rwanda would’nt be complete without trying ome local foods and on one of lake kivu islands and a visit to Gisenyi in general.

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The Blazing Gorilla Trekking Trail in Rwanda

It’s amazing to see less expected impressive attractions on your holiday in any corner of the world. Just imagine the joy and happiness felt when you capture such a moment. It’s a wish for many travelers though some instead fail even to grab the prime moments of travel. However, jungle forest is a place full of surprises and remarkable adventures. gorilla tracking, golden monkey tracking, birding, culture walks, forest walks, boat rides, Dian Fossey visit, hiking are the main tourism activities within and around the park. When you take a trip to Volcanoes National park, you don’t only stick to the original travel plans since there are many other tourist activities which can be done within and outside the park and booked at last minute. Except gorilla tracking other activities can be booked on the very day for the adventure and you can also use one stone to kill two birds by paying for one activity and also view the other attractions for the other activity that exact point of visiting a beautiful area like this.

The most excellent perfect escape is when you track mountain Gorillas and also view other primates including the rare golden monkey. Gorilla tracking travelers enjoy tracking gorillas and also golden monkeys and both activities require you to have a minimum of two days since both activities kick off at the same time every day. But sometimes Golden monkeys and Gorillas move outside the forests and Travellers are able to view them while at their lodges of residence or during the other trek which is a great surprise since it happens to only lucky travellers. If you get a chance and even take a nice photo captions with in that short time of the spot then next day’s adventure may be another advantage.To those who view the primates without plans of tracking enjoy a great moment without paying a penny the reason as to why some travellers love spending nights in well located Gorilla lodges & Accommodation with great chances both Gorillas and Golden monkey views. To experience and appreciate it is in most cases when you have paid for one and the other passes by as a bonus.

Another   surprise is taking park in all the park interesting activities in just three days yet others move all the way for just one. If you have a duration of three day at Ruhengeri you can start by tracking gorillas, hike the lovely mountain of either Bisoke or Karisimbi in the afternoon on the first day and then start the other day by trekking Golden monkeys, visit Diany fossey tombs   and also spend the sometime with the locals that’s if boat ride are not your thing. Alternatively you can use the afternoon of day one to visit lake Bulera and Rukundo. Ending your tour by doing all this trust me you will earn yourself the most romantic safari in Rwanda or simple the best Rwanda tour holiday ever. Make sure you shut your eyes and body for the Gorilla land adventure full of relaxation modes and adventure. For birders don’t miss out the opportunity of sporting hundreds of birds in volcano forest during the gorilla tracking adventure as you hike through the bamboo forest. Feel calm and ease as you explore Rwanda’s best park and the most desired tourist destination worldwide.